Comment from: Astrid [Visitor]
AstridThe caramels in the photo look perfect, and I see no trace of spots of butter or cocoa butter. I didn't realize caramels could be not too sweet. Sounds delicious!
I just bought a 3 kg bag of Valrohna chocolate while I was in Paris, at G. Detou. It feels like a treasure sitting in my kitchen!
2007-01-20 @ 23:49
Comment from: david L [Visitor]
david  Lgreat looking caramels...thanks for adding to the sweet round-up!
2007-01-21 @ 11:55
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]
AshWow, you made chocolate caramels! Those look really difficult to make! I make English fudge quite a lot but have never attempted caramels. I'm impressed that they came out soft! I'll have to try your recipe.
2007-01-22 @ 18:40
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor]
RachelYum, chocolate and honey. I don't think I've ever had that combo before. I have had chocolate caramels though and they are delish. I bet the added honey add the perfect touch.
2007-01-22 @ 23:38
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor]
KristenThis really sounds delicious!
2007-01-23 @ 05:09
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2007-01-23 @ 23:18
Comment from: Lucy Vanel [Visitor]
Lucy VanelThe caramels look completely successful. Great post!
2007-01-27 @ 11:16
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